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Commingled Containers:

Place all metal, aluminum cans, glass bottles, jars and plastic bottles in your recycling bin.  All containers may be commingled, no separation is needed and please do not place these items in plastic bags. Please rinse all containers.

Do Include:

Metal Food Cans

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Glass Containers – Brown, Green or Clear

Plastic Containers Labeled #1 or #2

Soda Bottles

Milk and Water Jugs

Laundry Soap Bottles

Others Labeled #1 or #2

Do NOT Include:

Medicine Containers

Window Panes/Mirrors/Pottery

Disposable Razors or Needles

Dishes, Glassware, Lightbulbs

Plastic Cups, Silverware, Bags, Wrap

Paint Cans, Aluminum Foil


These services are provided by Waste Management.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact their office at 1-800-782-7347.

Paper Products:

Place all paper products in a brown paper grocery bag.  Place the bags in your recycling bin on top of your commingled containers.  The different types of paper items may be commingled, no separation is needed.  Paper products should not be mixed with the plastic/tin/glass containers.  

Do Include:

Catalogs, Magazines, Newspaper

Office Type Paper, Envelopes

Junk Mail, Labels

Cardboard – need to be cut in 2’ x 2’

Corrugated Boxes

Do NOT Include:

Food contaminated Wrappers (Candy, Gum)

Napkins, Paper Towel, Toilet Paper

Photos, Slides, Transparencies

Carbon Paper, Packaging Material, Wax Paper

Cups, Plates, Pizza Boxes

For more recycling information click and read this article: “Wisconsin Recycles”

Mail: Local Organizations